Trail Maintenance Day, Saturday Feb 8th at Clear Springs

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Trail Maintenance Day, Saturday Feb 8th at Clear Springs

Post by ripniner » Wed Jan 29, 2014 3:57 pm

Forge Racing and BRAMBA are teaming up for a trail maintenance day to show some trail love to the trails in Clear Springs, MS. The trails need to be blown clear of leaves and pine needles, overgrowth needs cut back, probably some limbs down.

Please bring your hand tools: week whackers and gas cans, loppers, hand saws, leaf blowers, macloeds, etc.

Wear sturdy footwear, long pants, long sleeves, leather gloves, and eye protection. Bring a hydration pack with water, energy bars or other snacks. Sunscreen and bug spray recommended. Bring rain gear in case of an unexpected shower.

We will meet in the parking lot by the lake and split up into teams to tackle different areas of the trail. Cell phone reception on the trails is very spotty. We will pair up people experienced with the trail with newcomers for a safe and productive work day.

If you need a trail map, please PM me and I can email one to you as paper copies are sometimes scarce.

Some folks will be driving up to camp on Friday night, and others might stay and camp Saturday night, weather permitting.

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