Only for those with above average intelligence...

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Only for those with above average intelligence...

Post by ripniner » Wed Jul 02, 2014 10:44 pm

Since I tend to get a little emotional about trail maintenance because I'm so passionate about it, I'll just post some relevant statistics, because everyone knows that statistics are boring so you'll probably miss the embedded wit and sarcasm, unless you have an above average intelligence, and good taste.

a) BRAMBA members have donated over 300 hours to trail maintenance to trails in the area year to date (YTD), and 267 hours YTD specifically to the Comite and Hooper trails.

b) 32 people have done any trail maintenance on our monthly BREC/BRAMBA TM days YTD at Comite and Hooper.

c) 32 people out of 700 FB group members = 4.6% participation rate.

d) 10 out of 32 have donated 10 or more hours to keeping the trails open for everybody else.

e) 14 out of 32 have shown up only once and yet that's still >20% of all volunteer hours so that's officially making a difference.

f) The following gentlemen have joined the faithful for the first time in 2014: Ben Allen, Brad Way, Donnie Rowland, and Robin Breland. And we love you for it.

g) The following additional host of usual suspects also made an appearance at the June TM day:
Chris Reid, Brandon Reid, Robin Diamond, Jason Frazier, Diana and Allen Strebel, Ray Mitchell, Thomas Bennett, Wanda Mayeux, and some obnoxious preachy red head.

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