Next time a THANKS will suffice...

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Next time a THANKS will suffice...

Post by Robin » Sun Oct 19, 2014 2:45 pm

Did you know that we only host trail maintenance days 1 day a month? That's only 12 days a year that BREC officially asks for volunteers to help maintain this super fun trail system we are so very fortunate to have. Just 12 days (and only 4 hours on that day) do we ask people to ride a different trail or wait until we are done repairing and cleaning these trails so that we ALL can enjoy riding, running and family outings the rest of the year.

Yes - running guy who shouts at us "that it is a public park and I can run whenever I want". It is ,the Public Park Officials that ask us to close the park these few hours, for our safety, but mainly for yours. Truly hope that those of you who choose to run/ride while we are working, don't one day turn a blind corner into a volunteer quietly swinging a sling blade or a machete at the over growth on the trail.

Considering the overall trail usage - it is a mighty small group that shows up to help Burns Decker (BREC Trail Manger) maintain this trail system. These people deserve THANKS and not the note that was left for us today. Contrary to what you think - running guy - It is not at all a fun social event as you stated today (he's a real peach). It is hard, sweaty, nasty, and sometimes back breaking work that we do for the love of these trails. Show some respect and THANKS for the work that BRAMBA/BREC do so that you can keep enjoying those lovely morning runs.

Oh and Family guy/gal - next time your brilliant idea to take a baby stroller on the x-trail loop goes bad - have the decency to cart it out yourself and not just discard it on the side of the trail for someone else to clean up behind you.
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