Feb 2015 BRAMBA meeting minutes

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Feb 2015 BRAMBA meeting minutes

Post by ripniner » Tue Feb 17, 2015 9:15 pm

BRAMBA February 2015 Meeting Minutes

Name Bike Why ride 100 miles?
Diana Strebel The Black Mamba To prove how nuts you are
Robin Diamond Miss America Why not?
Brandon Reid Ellsworth Xcal sure
Carey Coxe Scott Scale 29 Because 200 is just ridiculous
Devin Kahn Sp Stumpjumper If you can it what the hell?
Chris Reid Kona HHDL 10 days x 10 miles
Bob Walker Niner RIP9 I don’t know
Rachel Selice Sp Rockhopper Pain
Ross Kerne Niner Jet 9 Cold beer at the finish line
Alex Waller Trek Xcal 529er Just cause…
Yvette Skinner SOL Awesomeness

Upcoming Events

Next trail maintenance day is Saturday, February 28th, at Hooper Trails from 8:00 – 12:00. Trails will be closed during that time. Erosion problems.
Note: Saturday, February 28th is also the date of the Iron Brewery contest at Tin Roof Brewery, starting at 1 PM. Local brewers will compete in a taste test. Admission is free with a donation to the BR Food Bank. Perhaps the hard-working and virtuous trail angels should convene at Hooper at 8 AM and toil mightily on the trails, then retire for lunch and then proceed to said site of merriment and celebration.

The first race of the LMBCS series will be Sunday, March 1st at the Spillway trails in Norco, LA.

The next BRAMBA group ride will be Sunday, a Super Loop from Comite to Hooper.

BREC Kids’ MTB day event will be Feb 21st.

The Bubbathon will be held on April 18th.

BREC has opened a “pump track” at the Perkins Road park.

The annual meeting with BREC will take place on February 19th.

Past Events

Insantiy Check ride at the Spillway trail this past Sunday – 63 people, 7 did the full 20 laps to earn a century! Props to Charley Rome who was one of the Elite 7! Next year there will be a time limit to bag 20 laps. 13 BRAMBA peeps did 89 laps! Congrats!

Weekly group rides – Still ongoing at 4:45 PM every Tuesday and Thursday weather permitting. Night rides take place only at Comite in group ride setting.

January TM day had 7 trail angels, mostly blowing leaves off the trail which helped the trail to dry because it was staying wet and soggy under the leaves and riders were rutting up the trail.

BRAMBA Website

Note to all who have had trouble with the BRAMBA web site: it runs better using Google Chrome.

MTB Lafayette Report

The Lafayette MTB club has had good luck with Americorp volunteers from the local universtiy. They are motivated volunteers and organized. They showed up to work with no tools but Bike Lafayette provided tools. On those occasions they had 20+ volunteers. Normally they have 4-6 volunteers on a trail maintenance day.

Safety Topic – Earphones

Please don’t wear earphones on the trail, whether riding or jogging. They interfere with your ability to keep aware of your surroundings.

Treasuser’s Report

Treasurer is in Amstredam. We have $2,345 in the bank. $799 in Paypal account. We need to contact Jeremy Cobb about the ExxonMobil donation.

Most major corporate donations come from employees who work for the companies who ask their employers to donate.

USAC insurance costs have increased but still by far the most affordable deal.

Rachel Selice – Women Mountain Bikers

Rachel is one of the few women employees at the local bicycle shops. Her idea is to promote mountain biking among women by hosting a “girls night out” at Capitol Cyclery followed the next day with a mountain bike skills clinic at the local trails. She would like to host the women’s night on a Friday night at the shop. Close the shop and serve up some nosh and wine to attract women who wouldn’t normally ride to meet some women riders. Some volunteers from BRAMBA would come and share their mountain biking experiences. (Note: Yvette should NOT talk about how she’s been off the bike almost six months after eating @*%! on a trail in New Mexico) The gathering Friday night would allow for networking. The women’s group ride on Saturday morning would be to demonstrate basic mountain bike skills. This would be a chance to build teamwork among women riders. BRAMBA members could also bring “buddy bikes” for women who don’t already have a bike to try.

Meeting adjourned.

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Re: Feb 2015 BRAMBA meeting minutes

Post by batgirl » Wed Feb 18, 2015 2:06 pm

Kerry Stamey Day/Bubbathon will actually be held on Sunday the 19th, not the 18th. More information coming soon.

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